Cherlandra Estrada Voice Artist

Cherlandra is a voice-over professional based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a singer, actor and professional voice artist, she has a broad vocal skillset to draw from. Her professional voice-over experience includes animation, video games (PCap/MoCap), music, commercial and audiobook projects. See Estrada’s About page to learn more.

In addition to adding several new audiobooks to her narrator portfolio (Groundwood Books, New Society Publishers, Post Hypnotic Press), Estrada will soon be making her animation debut as the new voice of Shani (Polly Pocket, Season 3)! See her Portfolio page for links to her recent work.

Cherlandra has an engaging voice with a naturally rich timbre and “easy-to-listen-to” tone. With an acting background in theatre, she loves to call on her character acting skills to create diverse voices for a range of projects. Her singing vocal range (app. C3-F5), also comes in handy in the booth! To listen to Cherlandra’s multifarious samples, see her Demos & Samples page.