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Vector Portrait of Cherlandra Estrada
Vector Self Portrait by Cherlandra Estrada

My creative-life journey started when I was very young but I didn’t recognize it until much later in life.  As a child, I thought that everyone handmade their own Barbie clothing and spent hours trying to accurately render 3-D shaded objects on their Etch A Sketch.  As a youth, I started to recognize that my peers were not quite as concerned with creative flair as I was.  They didn’t colour code their school supplies according to the emotion that each academic subject elicited, nor did they spend hours adding non-requested, full-colour illustrations to their papers.  As I entered my teen years, my obsession with creative expression intensified as I was introduced to new outlets:  music, poetry, drama, creative writing, calligraphy, set design and more.  I knew that I was destined to be an artist of some kind.  The creative world was my proverbial oyster.

Yeahhhhh, I got side-tracked.

Fast forward to adulthood to find me working a non-imaginative, 9-5 job with my creative flair MIA.  It’s strange because I don’t remember exactly how it happened.  I eventually looked up and realized that I had relegated my creativity to the status of hobby.  Worse yet, a hobby that I didn’t even make time for.  One day I was watching television and a Donna Dewberry One Stroke Painting special came on.  I remember thinking I can do that! That’s when I picked up a paint brush for the first time.

My life literally changed.

I wish I could say that my creative path was a straight shot from that moment on, but it wasn’t.  I was detoured a few times along the way.  Self-doubt, external pressures, societal views on art and many other influences impacted my journey but fortunately, my intrinsic passion saw me through.  Due to the labyrinthine nature of my creative path, it would be an arduous task for me to write it out and an even more arduous task for you to read it! I’m currently working on an infographic to visually summarize my professional artist journey and will post it for you as soon as it’s finished.

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Welcome to my online creative home! is where I share my projects, feature my creative goods and services, connect with other artists and endeavour to provide support and inspiration for other creatives and art aficionados.  Read on to learn about the different sections of my website.  It features everything from my fine art portfolio to my alternative fashion creations.  You will also find tutorials and art product reviews to help you with your creative adventures!

What’s This Site All About?

In a nutshell, this site is about creativity: mine and yours. Over the years of my artistic career, I found that I was a bit of a creative nomad. I am an artist who truly enjoys the exploration of diverse disciplines. At one point, I had a website for fine art and another for graphic design. I was about to build a third to showcase my event design projects and then another resource website to inspire others who want to lead a more creative life. Where would it end? I realized that if I continued to add a website for each of my creative streams, I would eventually spend most of my time just maintaining separate sites and social media accounts. There would be no time to actually create. I came to the conclusion that I needed an umbrella site. is that site. Egocentric or what?! Honestly, the name just made sense. The artistic disciplines are varied but at the center of them is my personal passion to lead a creative life and to inspire others with the same dream.

What Will I Find Here?

As previously mentioned, this site is a comprehensive artistic repository to showcase and share my creative lifestyle.  It features my artisan projects, my artwork, my online portfolios and more.  Here is a breakdown: