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Fine Art Portfolio and Online Gallery

Welcome to my fine art portfolio and online gallery! As a self-representing artist, it is a very important area of my website, so thank you for stopping by. You can puruse the page of the portfolio below or click on an image below to learn more about a particular piece. There is always a story behind each of my paintings and I like to share them because I feel that it leads to greater understanding of my work, another way of looking at it, and possibly even a deeper connection to viewers. Also, on each painting’s feature page, you will find details for purchasing the original and/or art prints.

Fine Art by Cherlandra Estrada

Cloak of Colour
Beneath Branches
Ida’s Legacy
El Pelo
Martinis and Music
A Measure of Time
Da Noise
Tin Man
Just a Drink?
She Waits
Blood Bloom

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