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After launching my Patreon profile, I realized two things:  1) I wanted to create a special space on my own website to enrich my relationship with my Patrons, and 2) I wanted to help promote this fantastic resource in the hopes of connecting artists and art-supporters with Patreon and each other.

If you’ve come to this page in search of more information regarding Patreon and why I use it, read on.  I’ve provided an overview of Patreon as well as additional information on crowdfunding and the benefits for artists and supporters alike.  If you are one of my truly appreciated Patrons, use the appropriate Rage Creative link to jump to your page and have fun!

Sounds Really Cool, But…

If you are intrigued by the idea of becoming a supporter but just need a little more information before you Rage Creative…

What is Patreon?

In short, Patreon is a reward-based model crowdfunding platform for Creatives of all types.  It provides a safe and easy way for artists, musicians, film-makers and other creators to receive monetary support and engage with their fans. For Patrons, it provides a direct connection to the artists that they love and allows them to engage in a more personal way than other conventional modes of being a “fan”. 

Patreon was originally founded in 2013 by artist Jack Conte, who was looking for a way to support himself through his YouTube videos.  In partnership with developer and analytics guru Sam Yam, he created a platform that helps support independent artists by allowing them to easily receive support from patrons.  Patreon differs from other crowdfunding sites because it is much more flexible in terms of setting pledge amounts, which is very empowering for artists.  It allows creators to receive support on a per project basis or through regular monthly installments.  This flexibility gives them the ability to release content and distribute awards in a way that makes sense for their own personal artistic flow.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital for a project, venture or cause, through the collective monetary contributions of many individual investors, often in exchange for rewards. There are quite a number of advantages for artists in regards to using crowdfunding as opposed to other traditional methods of business funding.  The TEDx video below, featuring performer John T. Trigonis sums it up very eloquently.

Why Do YOU Use Patreon?

There are so many reasons why I use this amazing crowdfunding platform.  Some of them are practical and others are more emotionally based.  I’ll list them all out but first I’d like to share a video that largely inspired me to not only utilize crowdfunding to support my artistic career, but to also truly believe that it is OK to do so.  Below is a video featuring self-represented musician and author, Amanda Palmer.  Her creative journey with crowdfunding is truly remarkable.


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